67th Trento Film Festival

It's time of Trento Film Festival 2019. A great edition of the Mountain's festival are coming: 150 events, including presentations of books, exhibitions, seminars and activities in the environment, with special guests like the Reinhold Messner, Hervé Barmasse, Giovanni Soldini, Luca Barbarossa, Vito Mancuso, Tamara Lunger, Hans Kammerlander, Paolo Cognetti and more. The 67th edition... Continue Reading →


Another step to Valdastico

The President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, presented yesterday to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport a new design hypothesis relating to the north Valdastico motorway. The new hypothesis of route confirms the first lot (in Veneto) already shared by the administrations, and for the Trentino part hypothesizes the graft on the... Continue Reading →

Subsonica at Castelfolk 2019

Great news for the Subsonica's fans, the Turin band will perform at Castelfolk festival in Castellano on August. The band, with a new set design that promises to make the location at the foot of the castle even more spectacular, will perform on Friday 2 August. The Subsonica will be back from a tour that... Continue Reading →

Trentino’s exports reached a new record

The value of Trentino's goods exports in 2018 reached record levels and was equal to 3,914 million euros, marking an increase of 6.4% (the value of goods imports was 2,670 million euros, an increase of 13.4% compared to the 2017)than the positive balance of the trade balance therefore settled at € 1,244 million. The Chamber... Continue Reading →

Van De Sfroos in concert at Trento today

Today h. 9.00 pm at Auditorium Santa Chiara, Trento. The famous folksinger are performing a new theatrical tour, intimate and confidential with ballads almost never offered live and some of the most loved songs. During the concerts will be the contribute of guests to duet and reinterpret some of the historical pieces of the artist.... Continue Reading →

Trentino joined the ‘Week of Museums’

The Trentino Province has joined the 'Week of Museums' organized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Until 10 March, free admission to museum facilities is foreseen. This free week is added to the first 12 Sundays of each months with free admission. This is one of the big news introduced by the new... Continue Reading →

‘The visible form of poetry’ exhibition

"The visible forms of poetry" is the title of the exhibition dedicated to Fernando Picenni set up from 9 March to 14 April in Palazzo Libera, in Villa Lagarina. The exhibition wil be curate by Leonardo Conti and Michele Beraldo with the organization of Claudio Tovazzi. On show there will be 30 works on canvas,... Continue Reading →

Weather forecast for Monday 4 and Tuesday 5

The weather today in Trentino: Cloudy or very cloudy with a little of sunny in the central hours. Possibility of weak precipitation in the afternoon and in the evening, snowy above 1600-1800 m. The temperatures will be the same of yesterday. Moderate or strong winds from southwest to mountain, weak or moderate variable in the... Continue Reading →

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