Maintenance work at St. Clare hospital next week

There will be some hot days for the emergency room of the St. Clare hospital in Trento From Monday 21st to Friday 25th October some maintenance works will be carried out in the red and yellow codes of the emergency room. The intervention will cover an area of 200 square meters and will involve the... Continue Reading →


A spectacular car clash at Centa Square in Trento

A spectacular car clash happened at Centa Square (intersection with Segantini Street) shortly after 10 p.m. on Monday. A car with four people on board hit a Panda of the Ronda Atesina Private Surveillance Institute on its side. The surveillance car ran out of wheels in the air, capsizing after the collision with the other... Continue Reading →

Car clash with a deer on Valsugana S.S. 47

A violent clash happenend last Monday night on Valsugana motorway at Campiello di Levico. The collision was inevitable and the front of the car was completely destroyed. Was shortly after 9 p.m when the deer came off the side of the road and the women.motorist could not avoid the impact, which was very strong. The... Continue Reading →

A strange Sunday in Bolzano

Sunday morning Bolzano will be cut in two for the decommissioning of a bomb remnant of Second World War. The A22 motorway, the SS12 motorway and the Brenner Railway too will be blocked from 8.45am. to the end of the operation. There will be no way to bypass the city. In the center of the... Continue Reading →

67th Trento Film Festival

It's time of Trento Film Festival 2019. A great edition of the Mountain's festival are coming: 150 events, including presentations of books, exhibitions, seminars and activities in the environment, with special guests like the Reinhold Messner, Hervé Barmasse, Giovanni Soldini, Luca Barbarossa, Vito Mancuso, Tamara Lunger, Hans Kammerlander, Paolo Cognetti and more. The 67th edition... Continue Reading →

Another step to Valdastico

The President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, presented yesterday to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport a new design hypothesis relating to the north Valdastico motorway. The new hypothesis of route confirms the first lot (in Veneto) already shared by the administrations, and for the Trentino part hypothesizes the graft on the... Continue Reading →

Subsonica at Castelfolk 2019

Great news for the Subsonica's fans, the Turin band will perform at Castelfolk festival in Castellano on August. The band, with a new set design that promises to make the location at the foot of the castle even more spectacular, will perform on Friday 2 August. The Subsonica will be back from a tour that... Continue Reading →

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