Trentino joined the ‘Week of Museums’

The Trentino Province has joined the 'Week of Museums' organized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Until 10 March, free admission to museum facilities is foreseen. This free week is added to the first 12 Sundays of each months with free admission. This is one of the big news introduced by the new... Continue Reading →


‘The visible form of poetry’ exhibition

"The visible forms of poetry" is the title of the exhibition dedicated to Fernando Picenni set up from 9 March to 14 April in Palazzo Libera, in Villa Lagarina. The exhibition wil be curate by Leonardo Conti and Michele Beraldo with the organization of Claudio Tovazzi. On show there will be 30 works on canvas,... Continue Reading →

Weather forecast for Monday 4 and Tuesday 5

The weather today in Trentino: Cloudy or very cloudy with a little of sunny in the central hours. Possibility of weak precipitation in the afternoon and in the evening, snowy above 1600-1800 m. The temperatures will be the same of yesterday. Moderate or strong winds from southwest to mountain, weak or moderate variable in the... Continue Reading →

Ledro Lake: One of the better lakea of the Alps

Ledro Lake, (Trentino province), is one of the seven lakes to visit absolutely in the Alps according to Times newspaper in London in a thematic study published in its online platform where it presents to readers what are called the seven enchanting lakes of the Alpine arc, unmissable. "Escape away from everything" is the title... Continue Reading →

Letizia Paternoster won the silver medal

Letizia Paternoster won a great silver medal at the bike on track world championship of Pruskow. The 19 years old athlete from Revó (Non valley)made a great race and was very near to the win. This result is a big hope for the next Olympic Game of Tokio 2020. Congratulation Letizia !

I 41 della Diciotti ora vogliono i soldi

Per la serie, cornuti e mazziati.... Ricordate il caso della nave Diciotti?La nave che rimase in mare con a bordo decine di clandestini in attesa di un accordo tra Italia e le altre nazioni europee per suddividere l'accoglienza? Oggi 41 di quei clandestini hanno avanzato una richiesta di risararcimento contro il Premier Giuseppe Conte e... Continue Reading →

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